Ilir'ana Mahremar

High priestess of Eidala in the Sapphire Shore


The high priestess Ilir’ana is in charge of the temple to Eidala in the Sapphire Shore, where she has been resident for the last ten years. This is an uncommonly long time for a member of the Eidalan clergy to settle anywhere, but Ilir’ana did so with the hope of establishing a more stable repository of knowledge, independent of the archives kept by the government of the Azure Sultanate itself. Since putting down roots in the Shore, Ilir’ana and the temple to Eidala have become pillars of the town, expanding the High Sun festivities that take place there each year, and finding an eager community of adherents in the citizenry.

Recently, however, Ilir’ana abruptly canceled the High Sun festival for this year, telling the town that the goddess told her in a vision that there was a mysterious corruption seeping through the town that, if left unchecked, could threaten the purity of the oasis itself. Her church has since been vetting everyone in town, checking them for infection and purifying them if they are found to be corrupted. Those who cannot afford the purification ritual, however, have been exiled from the town, creating a great deal of tension between the community and the church. This tension has been only further exacerbated by the priestess’s unusually guarded manner with respect to any information about the nature of the disease.

Ilir'ana Mahremar

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