The Burning Sultans

On the edge

A letter from the Reeve

Letter from Djeeta Sungeld, Reeve of Vez, to Karakrum, emir of House Sungeld, dated 5th day of Wyvern, DY 1285

Dear Cousin,

I write with grave concern. As you well know, life here in Vez has never been as easy as it was in the Canyons, but I have weathered the various hardships for the good of my citizens. In return, they have gifted me with a life of which I can be proud out here beyond the comforts of home, and proud I am.

Earlier this week, however, we discovered that the supply to our qanat has been cut off somewhere nearer to its source. More often than not, this is simply an issue of rockslides or erosion, and I dispatched a troupe of guards as such, but they have not returned in days. The citizenry are not yet widely aware of the situation, but if water is not restored, it may soon be that I must give the order to evacuate Vez. It is not a thought I relish, and I am reticent to ask you for aid, but should the worst come to pass, I pray that I can rely on you for assistance. I know you have long harbored resentment about my leaving the Canyons, but please consider helping us not for my sake, but for my villagers’.

As luck would have it, one of our water traders happened to arrive in town earlier today, and brought with him four mercenaries that he claims are capable. These four I dispatched to rescue my guards and, if possible, restore the water supply to our qanat. I know better than to place all my hopes in one group, though, no matter how skilled they may be, and so I send you this letter. I will eagerly await your reply. Please send it back with the messenger who will deliver this to you. He is trustworthy, and he is quick.

I remain your faithful cousin,



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