The Red Canyons


Most say that the Canyons are carved out of the Sandsea, but I disagree. Rise up, they do, proud and solid in the face of the endless flowing of the desert. The Red Canyons give constancy and shelter when all else would slide from under your very feet.
— Gorvin Ruddybeard

The Red Canyons are, as their name would suggest, a large network of ravines found in the northeast of the Azadi mainland. In addition to the land formation itself, the Red Canyons also designates the settlement that is found within the canyon walls, hollowed out as a series of caves, which are connected both by tunnels and by bridges suspended between cliff faces. Populated primarily by dwarves, the Canyon settlement is also home to a sizable minority of halflings and gnomes, as well as smaller populations of humans, and half-elves. Politically, the Red Canyons are part of the Sandsea Confederacy.

The cave networks that house the roughly 10,000 souls of the Red Canyons also allow for subsistence mushroom farming, with various cave fauna filling out the rest of the traditional Canyon diet. Economically, the Red Canyons are best known for their high-quality ceramics, both decorative and utilitarian. Using clay and silt harvested from a number of quarries, the smiths of the Canyons can produce ceramics as strong as steel that can be sharpened to a razor’s edge.

The Red Canyons

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