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The Nomad’s Record

The Record unfurls before you, and ink seems to eddy and pool in spiral dances across its surface. It is an archive of all you have known, all you have seen on your journeys together, and is intelligible only to you. Here you may house as much or as little of your knowledge as you deem useful – though of course, only the gods may know for certain what will be useful in the future and what will not! The Nomad’s Record can be an archive, a treasure house of experience, if only you know how to fill it.

Information swirls before you like an inky lagoon. Where do you choose to dive in?

Locales Near and Far

Figures Friendly and Hostile

Deities of Earth and Sky

Deeds Great and Small

History Celebrated and Obscure

Factions Just and Vile

Main Page

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