Terek Vonn

Proprietor of the Viper's Eye gambling house


Terek Vonn was the owner of the Viper’s Eye, a gambling house in the Storehouse Quarter of the Sapphire Shore. Serving a diverse clientele, the Viper’s Eye was one of the most popular gambling dens in the Shore. Vonn, however, felt it was unfairly stigmatized by the local priesthood of Eidala, whom he claimed were excessively puritanical in their morals, beyond even what Eidala herself teaches. He worked to secure civic protections for his business and established a reputation as an honorable businessman providing a valued service to his guests.

Vonn was also the leader of a secret sect devoted to the Hooded Vizier that was working to bring down the Eidalan church. With agents planted inside the clergy to weaken its influence and sour the villagers of the Shore against the faith, the Shrouded Way, as they were known, sought to depose the high-and-mighty Eidalans from their pride of place in the town’s pecking order. At the same time, Vonn and the Way replaced the high priestess Ilir’ana Mahremar with an impostor, using the confusion surrounding their cancellation of the High Sun festival and excommunication of prominent Eidalan priests to attempt to corrupt and murder the high priestess. Your party put a stop to this plan, rescuing Ilir’ana from the brink of death.

Terek Vonn

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