Anans Duneskipper

Water merchant and caravan leader


Anans is the young elf in charge of the water caravan with whom you were initially traveling when you reached the town of Vez. Though a water trader by profession, he shows a great fondness for oddities and unexplained trinkets. He is often willing to part with considerably more wares than might be sensible if the item being offered in barter is unique, even more so if its purpose and use have been lost to the annals. His home and base of operations is the Sapphire Shore.

Anans is in the water trade partly to make money, and indeed his reputation is as a shrewd negotiator, but he secretly enjoys the sense of exploration and discovery of uncharted lands that constant caravan travel affords him. If it weren’t for his aversion to peril, he would have taken up the life of an adventurer. It was this attraction to mystery that led him to investigate the Steel Boneyards, just as it was this sense of prudent self-preservation that led him to decide it would be better explored by those more foolhardy than he.

Anans Duneskipper

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