The Burning Sultans

Zeemo's Adventure Log #3

  • Found and freed the missing town guards, plus a Dragonborn Sorcerer named Deirdre.
  • Three guards escaped home to seek treatment. Kexa T. Halforc aided us for the mission.
  • Deidre joined the party.
  • Discovered the cause of the canal running dry: a giant fire snake’s magma-like eggs that evaporated the water.
  • Slew the giant snake courtesy of a critical frost spell.
  • An official of the Burning Hand appears to have escaped the cave without a trace.
  • Informed Zabba of our success and received some more treasure as reward.
  • Returned to Vez to rest and restock.
  • Received 3 new quests to choose from: (1) joining Anans in the Sapphire Shore for a festival and a job to investigate ruins, (2) redeeming our letter of recommendation from Djeeta to her cousin Karakrum Sungeld in the Red Canyons and learn more about the Burning Hand, (3) help Fiddin Glimmereye to mine a nearby gem mine.




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