The Burning Sultans

Burzam's Magnificent Goods

Finest purveyor this side of Sandsea!

Welcome! Welcome to Burzam’s! Gentlefolk of every mortal race, gather here in the shade of my cart to behold some of the finest wares you’ll see in these dunes!

You, sir! You look like a learned dwarf of means! I’d recognize those beard toggles anywhere! You’re a member of the proud Slatekiln clan, yes? No? Well, no matter! Step right up! I have here in my possession a verified ledger of Darvik, yes that Darvik, sage of the Burning Sultans! What a find, and a steal at just five hundred gold! Come now, they’ll be the best suns you’ve ever spent to acquire THIS treasure! Plucked from a tomb overrun with… sir? Sir! Well to the Pariahs with you, then…

Why, madam! What a radiant sight you are on the oasis promenade! Wouldn’t you look even lovelier with this fan fashioned from real hippogriff feathers? It’s just the thing for… well why have one fan when you can have two, eh? Come give this a try, and I assure you you’ll find it far superior to the, frankly, gauche thing you’re carrying now. Madam! I say, madam! I’ll lop of fifteen percent… well sizzle on the dunes, for all I care…

Yes, sir! What can I help you with today, then? Say, weren’t you one of Vonn’s boys…? Shame about your boss, I heard about it on the way into town. What do you need? Afraid I’m fresh out of jackaltongue, but I do have a few other wares that I could bear to part with for just a few suns… ah yes, there we are! Now just have a look at THIS little draught, would y— Why hello, officer! Come for the best purchase you’ll make all day? No…?



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